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Channapatna is a town located 60 km southwest of Bangalore, India, that is well known for their wood turning technique. I had the opportunity to visit Kushal Toys, a  lacquered toy manufacturing unit located in the area, and develop this product with their highly skilled artisans. 


This impeccable art of wood turning has been practiced for centuries in the small town of Channapatna and is said to be traced to the time of Tipu Sultan's reign. Traditionally Ivory wood and milk wood are used for this process and the bright colors are obtained from  lacquer made from vegetable dyes. This is a great, durable and effective replacement for products and toys made from plastic as they are completely natural  and safe for children. 



For my project, I decided to utilize this unique craft to make a product many Indian women can relate to. The bangle is an inseparable ornament of Indian culture. It plays  a considerably significant role during marriages as the identity of the Indian bride. Different communities in different parts of the country have their own interpretation of the meaning behind the colors and symbolism the the bangle. I worked on a simple design for a bangle stand, keeping in mind its size, portability and aesthetics.  

Not a very complicated mechanism

Easy accessibility when placing and removing the bangles

No complicated unscrewing mechanism

Portable. Easy to store/carry in a cupboard/ suitcase

Aesthetically appealing

Bright colors

Able to store a considerable number of bangles


The bangle stand set comes in 14 detachable pieces:

1 long hollow cylinder

4 identical rods

8 identical stoppers

1 Lid for the cylinder


Taking the storage aspect into consideration. The knobs and rods are removable and can be stored together in the hollow container to minimize space.

Anchor 1

Dimensions:  4" x 11.5" 

Lacquered turned wood

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