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There is a growing tendency among humans

to crave for a connection with nature in urban environments and for the sensorial experience

of interacting with its elements. The sense of smell is a powerful catalyst to trigger memories and feelings of comfort, calmness and familiarity in spaces. Integrating materials and aroma through interactive textiles as a medium to

create an escape from the complex lifestyles

we live in and to allow us to reconnect with

nature indoors. ‘Familiar Fragrances’ plays

with the idea of visually depicting scents and

their characteristics through colour, texture

and dimension.

The layered, grounding, woody scent of the first rains hitting the parched summer earth. The roots of Vetiver, a perennial bunch grass native to India, releases a complex aroma and a natural cooling effect when activated with water. Bringing Vetiver into urban spaces by taming its wildness through embroidery and introducing a sense of delicateness and fragility, while retaining its natural earthiness.

Pallavi_Padukone_Familiar Fragrances_4.j

Dimensions: 52” x  76"


Vetiver roots, cotton

Pallavi_Padukone_Familiar Fragrances_5.j

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