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Reinterpreting the fragrance industry, Reminiscent is an experimental sensorial collection that uses natural ways to integrate and infuse scents into handmade textiles through weaving, embroidery, and fragrant embellishments.


The sense of smell is a powerful catalyst to trigger memories and feelings of calm and comfort. Reminiscent explores the concept of scents for wellness and how fragrances can be expressed visually through color, patterns, and textures. It is a system of using textiles as aromatherapy to condense time and distance and create an immersive experience to reconnect with nature, nostalgia, home, and identity.

Reminiscent is currently on display at the Delaware Contemporary, Wilmington DE as part of the show 'Remembrances, Recollections, and Retrospect' from
January 22-May 30, 2022.

Role: designer, artist, material researcher


Timeline:  2021

#sustainability #fragrance #sensorialtextiles

#nature #nostalgia #wellbeing



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52" x 34"



Silk, hibiscus scented cotton

dyed with earth pigments, hibiscus, indigo

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IMG_3047 copy.jpg
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Spice Rack

30" x 19"



Clove and cardamom-scented cotton dyed

with earth pigments

IMG_2880 copy.jpg
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IMG_2990 copy.jpg

After The Rains

32" x 37"


Vetiver root, polyester, cotton


Remembrances, Recollections and Retrospect Group show at The Delaware Contemporary, Wilmington DE (January20-May30, 2022) Featured artists: Han Cao, Rosa Leff, Daisy Patton, Pallavi Padukone, Mark Tennant, and Kate VanVliet

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